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Here I’ll be talking about GANs and how they can be used to generate images of fashionable items like shirts, shoes etc from the MNIST dataset and the code for doing this will be well explained and I shall be using PyTorch for this purpose.

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A bit about GANs

Using residual networks and transfer learning to train a model to classify various hand gestures of sign language.

Importing Libraries

Splitting into training and validation set and exploring the dataset

Using PyTorch to classify 10 different kinds of objects using simple CNN

Importing Libraries

Downloading the dataset

Detailed comparison including an explanation of the code


How I started off

The problem statement

  1. detach()
  2. no_grad()
  3. clone()
  4. backward()
  5. register_hook()
importing torch

1. tensor.detach()

Attyuttam Saha

Software Engineer, MCA from NIT Warnagal, loves to read and watch horror and talk about programming.

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